Houseboats – or mobile floating houses.

Thanks to their special design, housebouts provide a wonderful holiday when you are on the water, even away from land. This is because the models, which are equipped with their own engines, can float independently on water and move like a boat. However, this also involves complying with sailing regulations and having the appropriate licence to drive your housebout.
Housebouts are the only solution if we dream of a blissful relaxation e.g. in the middle of a lake in a domestic environment, giving us the possibility to move around. Thanks to their construction we can swim on the waters of lakes or rivers without the necessity to leave our house. This is a very interesting solution especially for those who love adventure, can work remotely and do not like to be tied to one place. The only limitation is the climate, which unfortunately makes travelling difficult for part of the year.
Houses and cottages – the surface area of floating houses can be really varied! From a dozen or so square metres to over 200 metres, as in the case of Poland’s largest floating house near Wroclaw.

Costs of buying a floating house.

Floating houses are definitely cheaper than flats or detached houses, because a housebout the size of a small flat can be purchased for as little as 90 thousand zlotys.
Due to the Polish law and climate they are intended for summer recreation rather than year-round living. This is a great idea both for couples who want to spend time together in nature, and for families with children who want to experience a wonderful water adventure – all without having to deny themselves the comforts of home!

Safety in a houseboat

Is living on the water a safe option? If we’re talking about a houseboat, the answer is definitely yes. Thanks to its solid construction, it is very resistant to collisions with, for example, stones or ice, and in addition, the surface on which it is placed always floats, which guarantees safety also during floods. Other weather conditions such as rain, snow or wind are no problem for floating houses, as they are protected by a roof and a drainage system. Houseboats are much less vulnerable to wind than traditional boats and yachts.

An eco-friendly way to live.

Modern houseboats are a very eco-friendly solution, thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels that produce electricity from solar energy. The same is true of wind collectors, which are used here, as well as heat pump heating, which is an extremely ecological source of heat, and micro sewage treatment plants. These houses not only emit no harmful substances into the air, but also reduce the consumption of electricity and other fuels. In addition, they allow you to get closer to nature and relax from the stress of everyday life.

To sum up, living in a housebout is extremely comfortable for people who love constant travelling or wish to cut themselves off from civilisation for some time. The cost of purchase is lower than that of a traditional house, and at the same time they are an ecological choice and a great way to spend free time in the nature.

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